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Christmas Competition

Today was the culmination of a week of bowling, seeing the two semi-finals and final. The first two to play at were Norman and Peter, with Peter losing to Norman in a well fought match.

Next was Mike And Colin, it was neck and neck with Colin winning in the end.

We then had a break and Mulled Wine and mince pies were served.

it was then onto the final. It was a great match with Colin being the victor. we were then served a superb lunch of Homemade soup courtesy of Margaret with french stick and cheese and biscuits crisps and tomatoes and some lovely chutney from Caron and for dessert we had Ruby’s raspberry roulade or trifle. It was a lovely spread.

Special thanks must go to Margaret and Ruby for their hard work but also the other volunteers who helped set it up and clear up afterwards. I think I speak for everyone concerned it was a great day.

Photos to follow, having problems uploading them.

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